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Keflavík airport will need to add a thousand new employees this summer

By Staff

  • Help wanted If the airport fails to hire enough staff it could result in delays and longer lines. Photo/Þorgils.

The largest and most challenging problem facing the Keflavík international airport is to fill new openings. At the same time as the airport is hiring more people than at any time previously fewer people have applied.

A spokesman for ISAVIA, the government corporation which runs the airport, told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that the airport will need to hire 800-1,000 new employees this summer, at a time when unemployment in the neighbouring towns and villages is at an all-time low. “We are running into more trouble filling positions than at any time in the past,” he told RÚV

The airport offers its employees a shuttle service from Reykjavík. But still the airport has trouble finding people to fill vacancies. If positions go unfilled it will mean delays and confusion for passengers, he warns.

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