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Keflavík airport too small for future growth Icelandic low-cost carrier WOW air

By Staff

  • Skúli Mogensen The CEO and founder of WOW Air fears Keflavík Airport will become too small for the airline. Photo/Anton Brink.

Future growth of WOW air is severely restricted by the small size of Keflavík airport, according to Skúli Mogensen, the founder and CEO of WOW. If the airport does not take decisive action in the next couple of years further growth of WOW or the number of visitors to Iceland will be impossible by 2020.

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Keflavík airport has seen dramatic increase in passenger numbers in recent years, both due to growing numbers of people who visit Iceland and the growth in trans-Atlantic service of the two Icelandic airlines, WOW and Icelandair. The number of travellers who passed through Keflavík airport during he first eight months of this year increased by 32.4% compared to the year before. 

Skúli Mogensen told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service that the airport had been able to handle this increase, and that there was still room for growth, but that WOW was beginning to running up against limits to further growth. The airport has already launched a major expansion project which aims at growing the airport six-fold by 2040.

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WOW, which was founded in 2011, introduced its first service in May 2012. Since then the airline has grown rapidly. The airline's fleet counts seventeen planes, with seven more scheduled to be added to the fleet next year. Skúli has previously said that the future strategy of the airline is to expand into Asia, making Reykjavík a stop-over hub for flights across the Atlantic.


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