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Keflavik Airport sees an average of 56 flight departures per day

By Matt Eliason

  • International Hub Icelandair made up 64.4% of all flights departing Keflavik Airport in July. Photo/Valli

There was an average of 56 international flights departing Keflavik Airport each day in July 2014, a 17.8% increase from July of last year. Nearly 80% of those flights were made up of Iceland's two biggest airliners, Icelandair and Wow Air.

While Easy Jet only made up 4% of the departing flights, they are aiming to increase their share of the pie after launching 3 new routes from Keflavik AIrport. There aim is to transport 300-400 thousand passengers to Iceland in 2015.

From an general prospective, there was a total of 20 international airlines that scheduled flights at Keflavik this past month compared to only 16 from July of last year. The total number of passengers that passed through the airport was greater than 1/2 million, signifying the immense impact the tourist industry has on Iceland and its airliners.

Matt Eliason


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