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Keflavík airport re-opened after plane skidded off runway

By Staff

  • At Keflavík Airport The airport was cloased after a plane from Icelandic airline Primera Air skidded off the runway when landing earlier tongith. Photo/Metúsalem Björnsson

Keflavík Airport has been re-opened after a minor accident caused the airport to be closed shortly before six in the afternoon. The closure has caused significant delays at the airport. Nobody was hurt in the accident, which involved a plane from the Icelandic airline Primera Air skidding off the runway during landing. 

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Primera Air, Keflavík Airport
Keflavík Airport Passengers being ferried from the Primera Air flight. Photo/Metúsalem Björnsson

The accident took place on the North/South runway of the airport. Since the East/West runway is closed, due to maintenance the accident meant both runways were closed. The plane, which was carrying a group of Icelandic travellers returning from Alicante in Spain. It is not known what caused the plane to skid off the runway, but airport authorities suspect the culprit is heavy snow and icing on the runways. 

Nobody was hurt, and the plane was not damaged. Airport authorities are still working on towing the plane back onto the runway. 

At 20:00 the airport managed to open the East/West runway, which had been closed due to maintenance, after plowing and de-icing the runway. 

According to the local news site Vísir the accident and closing of the airport has caused significant delays to traffic. A plane from the Polish airline Wizz Air, which was scheduled to land at 18:00 was forced to return to Poland. A second Wizz Air plane which was scheduled to depart at 17:20 was delayed to 23:30. 

Primera Air, Keflavík Airport
Heavy snow Conditions at Keflavík Airport Photo/HS


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