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Kazakh millionaire Goga Ashkenazi jumps for joy in restricted area close to Holuhraun

By Staff

Kazakh millionaire Goga Ashkenazi has published a video on her Instagram account showing her and her friends jumping in front of the approaching Holuhraun lava. According to news site Ashkenazi and her entourage were inside the restricted area without permission from local authorities.

Last weekend witnesses saw a helicopter landing within the restricted Holuhraun area. It is not known whether it was carrying the Ashkenazi group.

Goga Ashkenazi was born 1980 in Kazakhstan and is a well known London socialite, counting Prince Andrew as one of her friends. Her former father-in-law is Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Her wealth is based on Kazakhstan's oil and gas industries. In 2012 she bought the 100 year old French fashion house Vionnet. She lives in Milan, Italy.

UPDATE: reports that the local police commissioner, in Húsavík town in North Iceland, has confirmed that the incident is being investigated.



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