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Karl Lagerfeld reveals he keeps young with help of Icelandic skin-care products

By Staff

  • King of fashion chooses Icelandic products The anti-aging skin-care products from the Icelandic company ORF Genetics are among the things Karl Lagerfeld keeps in his bathroom closet. Photo/

The German born king of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, revealed in the latest French edition of Vogue that he prefers Icelandic skin care products to keep young and fresh.

The skin product BIOEFFECT EGF Serum and the 30 Day Treatment from BIOEFFECT, which are produced by the Icelandic company ORF Genetics, are among the products used by Lagerfeld to care for his skin, he revealed in the December edition of French Vogue.

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Hildur Ársælsdóttir, the marketing director of BIOEFFECT told the local news site Vísir that the company is proud of being recognized in this manner. The competition in this market is extremely tough, she told visir, but added that being chosen by one of the greatest authorities in the fashion world proved that the company was doing something right. Recently a German study revealed that the anti-aging products from ORF Genetics were the only products in the study which showed any effect, increasing skin thickness by up to 60% and density by up to 30%.

According to Hildur Karl Lagerfeld has been using the BIOEFFECT products for several years.

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