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Justice League heroes and actors emerging at the Strandir region in the Westfjords

By Staff

  • Jason Momoa The Hawian actor thought this was a familiar surrounding. See below. Photo/Jason Momoa Instagram

Actor Jason Momoa published this brilliant photo of himself taking a dip in a hot nature pool on the beach closed to where Justice League is being filmed in Iceland's remote region Strandir and captioned it "What the hell is da Hawaiian doing in northern Iceland?" The actor was born in Hawai, another volcanic island, though in a little bit warmer climate than Iceland.

Momoa ruffled some feathers with the photo as apparently he did not ask for a permit before taking the bath. The pool is partly man-made with geothermal water (coming directly from the ground) being damned by a concrete wall built between two beach boulders.

In an interview with local news site Stundin (link in Icelandic and behind a pay-wall) one of the owners complained about a lack of respect. 

We however feel for Momoa as no one lives at Gjögur anymore and probably he did not have a clue he needed a permit. The once small fishing village has been abandoned for decades and is now mostly a summer vacation place, and the hot water continues to flow just as before Moma enjoyed it.

That said, this is not something that should be copied if you are heading to area. Please respect the locals and ask if you want to take a dip. Even better head straight to the nearby Krossnes pool, which is a a lovely little pool built by local farmers in 1954. It is also powered by nature, with the geothermal water of perfect temperature streaming from a local well.

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Actually no where in Iceland are there more natural bathing pools than in the Westfjords with many of them located right on the waterfront, with amazing views towards the sea.

As we have previously reported around 200 motorhomes have been parked for the American superheroe's film crew on the outskirts of the tiny Djúpavík village, in the Strandir region, which stretches along the northern coast of the magical Westfjords.

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Yesterday the film producers published the photo below of actress Amber Heard in her Mera superhero costume on location at Strandir. We are sure that Iceland's landscape will provide the perfect backdrop for this chapter of the upcoming blockbuster, which will be released in theaters in November 2017.


What the hell is da Hawaiian doing in northern Iceland. Send me mana it's going to be a crazy fucking day ALOHA AC

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Regram from @prideofgypsies: Too much fun. Love working for this man. Mahalo Zach ALOHA AC.

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