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Jon Hamm and Craig Ferguson talk about Jón Gnarr, former mayor of Reykjavík

By Staff

  • A stand-up guy Jón Gnarr, former mayor of Reykjavík, left a lasting impresson on talk-show host Craig Ferguson. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Craig Ferguson, host of the popular talk show The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, hosted his very last show on Friday, with actor Jon Hamm among his guests. Craig and Jon were discussing Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, when the former asked the actor whether he had ever met Jón Gnarr, the former mayor of Reykjavík. Rúv was first to report the story. 

“He’s awesome!” Craig proclaimed. Adding: “Do you know what he did? He was a stand-up comedian and when Iceland went bankrupt he started this fake campaign and he won … and he wouldn’t let anyone in his cabinet unless they had seen all five seasons of the Wire.”

“This is why the list of “Why I like Iceland” keeps growing and growing and growing.” Hamm said, seemingly impressed.

Jón Gnarr visited the Late Show earlier this summer to promote his book Gnarr: How I Became the Mayor of a Lar­ge City in Ice­land and Changed the World.

Craig and Jon begin to talk about Jón at around the 26:50 mark. 


Below is a video of Jón's visit on the Late Show. Jón comes on at around 24:45.

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