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Is it winter, spring or summer? The weather doesn't make sense until you realize Iceland has 12 seasons

By Staff

  • Pretty much sums it up! Iceland does not have 4 seasons like most normal countries. Photo/Iceland Magazine

In the past few days the weather here in Iceland has shifted violently from spring to winter and then back to spring, with a couple of hail/sleet/snow showers, then back to spring which looks like summer, only to revert back to winter. Don't worry: You're not caught in some terrifying Black Mirror episode: This is totally normal! Wild weather changes are the norm, rather than the exception in Iceland: You never know what you will get.

The old joke is that if you don't like the weather in Iceland, just wait five minutes and it'll have changed. It's not a joke!

To help our readers make sense of the Icelandic weather we at Iceland Magazine put together this handy little chart to identify the season. Note that there is no way to say how long each season is, when it starts or when it ends, and they are not all equally long. Second summer, for example, tends to be just one or two week long. Moreover, the seasons refuse to obey even this very lax schedule: Second summer, for example, can pop up unexpectedly anytime in September or even October, fighting with the Second mudseason: But that's the beauty of it! The excitement and surprise. 

We are currently (mid May) experiencing the drawn-out back and forth between the muddy late winter and actual spring. Soon we'll even see some proper summer weather. 

12 seasons of Iceland, spring edition

12 seasons of Iceland Soon we might experience real summer - finally! PhotoIcelandMag


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