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The Irish Independent compiled a helpful list on how to do Iceland on a budget

  • Reykjavík harbour The old Reykjavík harbour has become an exciting area to visit; with numerous restaurants, museums and sights to see. Photo/Vísir

With two airlines (Wow air and Easy Jet) now offering direct flights between Ireland and Iceland, the two island nations have begun to visit each other more frequently. Although the flights come cheap, staying in Iceland can be quite expensive. Enter the Irish Independent – the newspaper has compiled a helpful list on how to do Iceland on a budget.

The journalist suggests a hostel stay rather than blowing your budget on a hotel.

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When it comes to alcohol “the rumours are true”, alcohol in Iceland is “a budget-blower”, the Independent rightly states. That’s why visitors are advised to shop liquor at Vínbúðin, the state-run off-licence.

And steer clear of those souvenir shops, the article says, as they all tap into “insatiable tourist demand for stuffed puffins and Viking chic apparel“. Pop into one of the Red Cross shops outlets downtown and pick up a traditional Icelandic sweater or “Björkesque vintage”. 

Lastly, opt for free attractions such as Northern Light viewing. 

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