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An interactive map to help you actually find those 35 crazy Icelandic placenames

By Staff

  • Iceland Finding your way around Iceland can get a bit tricky. Photo/Abraham Ortelius

Earlier this week a local author, Alda Sigmundsdóttir, shared a map with 35 place names that will "help you understand what dyslexia feels like". The map, which includes such interesting places like Glúmgilskeggjahryggur, became an instant hit, being shared thousands of times. 

Icelandic place names

All actual places, only two minor errors 
Alda told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that the intense interest took her by surprise. She admits that she didn't create the map, which she said she found on Reddit. She did, however, create a helpful pronunciation guide.

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A linguist and expert in place names at the University of Iceland told Morgunblaðið that all the place names on the map check out, although there are two minor errors: Lyngtungu­fjalss­hjalli is misspelled, and should be Lyngtungna­fjalls­hjall. The map also includes a place called Litlu­spjóta­hólma­flög­ur, which does not exist. However, a place called Spjóta­hólmaflaga in about the same place. 

We at Iceland Magazine decided to create a helpful Google-map to help travellers find these places.

All the names come from the Örnefnagrunnur, the Place Name Registry of the National Land Survey of Iceland, which is unquestionably the best online map of Iceland available. Especially if you are searching for a place name in Iceland.

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