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Ink in Reykjavík: The 10th Icelandic Tattoo Convention

By Staff

  • Ólafía at Reykjavík Ink One of the local tattoo artists participating in the convention. Photo/Ómar Sverrisson

If ink is your thing then you should try to be in Reykjavík for the first weekend of June when the annual Icelandic Tattoo Convention will kick off for the 10th consecutive year. Many of Iceland’s best tattoo artists will take part in the convention and more than twenty of their foreign counterparts will join them from abroad.

As before the convention is hosted by local tattoo parlour Reykjavík Ink and rock dive Bar 11.

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The convention has been expanding from year to year and will now be located at the old beautiful theater Gamla bíó, as stone’s throw from Bar 11 in downtown Reykajvík.

From June 5-7.

For more information see The Icelandic Tattoo Convention’s official Facebook page.

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