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Incredible video of German kayaker descending Goðafoss waterfall

By Staff

  • Breathtaking beauty and power Goðafoss is onee of Iceland's best known waterfalls. Descending the waterfall in the winter provides a total immersion in it's beauty and raw power. Photo/Michael Neumann. 

This story has been corrected

Earlier this month the German photographer Michael Neumann made a trip to Iceland along with a crew from the German travel magazine Globetrotter. Among their destinations in Iceland was Goðafoss waterfall in Skjálfandafljót river in North Iceland, where one of the team members, Matze Brustmann is one of the first to descend the waterfall during winter.

The full story of Matze's feat along with more amazing photographs taken by Michael during their trip to Iceland are in the travel magazine Globetrotter, but the following video captures some of the highlights.

Iceland on the rocks from Michael Neumann on Vimeo.

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Goðafoss has drawn in a growing numbers of extreme kayakers who find its beauty and raw power irresistible. And as these photographs, taken by Michael show, the reputation is well deserved! 

Goðafoss in winter, kayaking

Assessing the river Matze preparing for the descend. Photo/Michael Neumann

Goðafoss is made up of two main forks, an eastern fork, which is roughly 9 m high (30 ft.) and a significantly higher western fork, where the water falls as much as 17 m (56 ft.). The eastern fork, which Brustmann descended, has more volume than the western fork. 

Goðafoss in winter, kayaking
Frozen wall of water Stretches of the waterfall freeze in the winter creating a magnificent wall of ice. Photo/Michael Neumann

Goðafoss waterfall is only one of several breathtaking waterfalls in Skjálfandifljót river. A second, no less beautiful waterfall is located upstream, Aldeyjarfoss. Aldeyjarfoss was first descended by a kayaker in 1995, and in 2010 Brustmann became the second person to make that descend.

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Goðafoss in winter, kayaking

Aerial view Goðafoss is one of a series of breathtaking waterfalls in Skjálfandifljót river Photo/Michael Neumann

Update: 3. 22. 2016

An original version of this story claimed Brustmann was the first man to descend Goðafoss waterfall in the winter. This is not the case, as at least one other kayaker has descended the waterfall durng the winter months before Brustmann. Chris Doyle-Kelly descended the waterfall in mid-March 2015. 

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