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Icy roads, difficult conditions. Potential danger from tar-bleeding asphalt in E. Iceland

By Staff

  • Tar-bleeding Tar and pieces of asphalt can stick to tires and cause danger. Travellers in East Iceland are asked to slow down when meeting oncoming traffic. Photo/Pjetur

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration advices travellers that show caution, as many roads around Iceland are icy and slippery. 

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South Iceland: The ring-road in South Iceland is clear, but many other roads are slippery with spots of Ice. Some are extremely slippery, especially those leading inland (north) from the ring-road.

West Iceland: Most all roads, including large stretches of the ring-road have spots of ice, with extremely slippery conditions in large sections.

Westfjords: Roads in the Westfjords are all slippery, either covered in snow or with large patches of ice. Major mountain roads are all impassable. 

North Iceland: All roads have snow or ice, making for slippery conditions. Motorists are advised to show caution and patience. 

East Iceland: Slippery conditions and snow on all roads. Snow and sleet on all mountain roads, making for difficult travel conditions.

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For up-to date road conditions, please head over to the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration.

Special advisory for travel in East Iceland: The Road and Coastal Administration warns that the asphalt on the road between the towns of Egilsstaðir and Norðfjörður has experienced tar-bleeding, requiring special caution from motorists. Clumps of tar and gravel can easily stick to car tires, and be thrown off, hitting other cars. It is crucial that motorists slow down when meeting oncoming traffic and inspect their tires after driving along the stretch of road in question.

Road Conditions 21.11.16

Road Conditions Monday All highland roads are impassable, most of the ring-road, except in South Iceland, are very slippery. Photo/Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration


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