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Iceland's Lava Stout Beer gaining rave reviews abroad including the United States

By Matt Eliason

  • Lava Stout was originally created for the Swedish market, but has expanded to a loyal audience of stout drinkers in the United States. Photo/

The Ölvisholt brewery is located in Selfoss, Iceland, not far from the active volcano, Hekla. The bottle label illustrates the beer's namesake with lava exploding from the nearby Hekla, replicating the view that can be seen from the company's brewery.

Lava beer is an appropriate name for such a potent stout, which contains 9.4% ABV. Many Americans have been drawn to the beer for its distinct roasted chocolate flavoring that is complimented with a slight hint of sweet caramel taste.

The pitch black color of Lava beer is a good representation of Iceland's volcanic landscape, however, the taste of the Ölvisholt Brewery's concoction will go down smooth with a rich taste.

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