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Icelandic YouTube star teaches American friend how to pronounce Icelandic words

By Staff

  • Gluggaveður This is actually an important word to learn when visiting Iceland. You are sure to experience some gluggaveður during your stay! Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

One of Iceland's most popular vidoeloggers and YouTube stars, Didda, created this fun video of her trying to teach a friend and fellow Youtuber Romina how to pronounce Icelandic words, having her guess what those words then mean. 

The two friends have a great time as Romina tries to figure out how you pronounce and figure out the meaning of Icelandic words like Bandaríkin and mörgæs.

Didda even tries to get her friend to pronounce her own version of Icelanders' favorite "nonsense" composite word, vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuskúr, adding -útidyralyklakippuhringur! Which isn't actually nonsense, but it isn't a particularly practical word, and while Didda argues we need words for everything, it's unlikely that you will find many opportunities to use this word in your daily activities!

We leave it up to Didda to explain what that word even means:

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