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An Icelandic video game for PlayStation, X-box, and PC

By Staff

  • The graphics in the Aaru's Awakening game is 100 percent hand-drawn.

A few young Icelanders returned back from the PAX Convention in Boston after having landed contracts with some of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

Young entrepreneurs with Lumenox Games have been working on a game they call Aaru’s Awakening for two years and have now landed contracts with some of the biggest gaming distributers in the world. They told that the game works in ways similar to the old Mario Bros games in the sense that the characters need to get from A to B and through to the next level. They hope for the game to be released for PlayStation consoles within the next two months.

On Wednesday evening, Steam contacted the Lumenox Games and offered them a contract so that they’ll have access to the Windows software as well. 

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