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Is Icelandic skyr passing up Greek yoghurt in terms of popularity? The HuffPost thinks so.

By Matt Eliason

  • Skyr on the rise In a blind taste test 11 HuffPost editors chose Skyr as their favorite yoghurt. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

While Greek Yoghurt has historically been the yogurt of choice for most New Yorkers, as well as Americans, there is now a new yoghurt in town. Iceland's signature yoghurt called skyr has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past five years thanks to the delicious taste and numerous health benefits.

Recently, the Huffington Post conducted a blind taste test and discovered skyr to be the winning yoghurt among a small sample size of their editors. Yoghurts in the taste test included a wide range of Icelandic and Greek yoghurts that are currently found in the North American grocery store market. Skyr came in first place.

Iceland's traditional yoghurt is a bit thicker than traditional Greek yoghurt and also includes more protein and non-fat milk. Skyr sales have grown tremendously over the recent years as Americans begun to discover that skyr not only tastes better, but also is the healthier option. As skyr continues to spread across North American supermarket chains, the popularity of Icelandic yoghurt should see more growth in the coming years.

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