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Icelandic Skyr with baked apples picked as best dairy product of 2017

By Staff

  • Ísey skyr from MS dairy MS is a producer cooperative, owned by 700 dairy farmers. MS stands for Mjólkursamsalan, literally "The Dairy Cooperative". Photo/Vísir-Stefán

The Icelandic dairy MS won gold for its Ísey skyr, flavored with baked apples, at the International Food Contest, at an international competition for dairy and food which is held on October 3-5 in Denmark. Ísey skyr was picked as both the best skyr and the best dairy product at the competition, receiving 14.68 points out of 15 possible.

The baked apple skyr was also picked as the best consumer product over all at the contest. 

MS, Kókómjólk
Kókómjólk The 2012 winner at the International Food Contest in Herring, Denmark. Photo/Vísir

International market for skyr crucial for MS
The European market for skyr has quickly become far more important to MS than the domestic market. Last year MS sold 13,000 metric tons of skyr outside Iceland, compared to only 3,000 in Iceland. This is a dramatic change from only a few years ago when skyr was virtually unknown outside Iceland.

This is the second time MS wins top prices at the contest. The company won first place in the dairy category in 2012 for its chocolate milk Kókómjólk. 

Scandinavian dairy giant Arla peddles its skyr as Icelandic
The award is considered especially important as MS beat the Scandinavian dairy giant Arla which has recently made a concerted effort to defeat MS in the rapidly growing Scandinavian and European markets for skyr. 

Arla recently defeated MS in court in Finland, thus winning the right to use "skyr" to describe its skyr products. MS had claimed that skyr was a protected trademark. Arla has recorded advertisements for its skyr products in Iceland. 

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