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Icelandic manure smoked beer being exported to America

By Staff

  • Fenrir beer from Borg Brugghús has a smokey taste to it. Photo/Borg Brugghús

According to one of the brew masters of Borg brewery, Sturlaugur Jón Björnsson, one of their new specialties will be exported to the United States after one distributor tasted their beer and gave it rave reviews. In an interview with, Sturlaugur says that “it has been his dream even before he became a brew master to make a manure smoked beer”.  After being employed by Borg brewery, he decided to make this dream become a reality and started to develop the beer.

However, there are some obstacles as Sturlaugur says. The Food and Drug Administration will need to allow the beer, but Sturlaugur is optimistic that everything will go smoothly. Furthermore, Sturlaugur also says the beer has received mixed reviews: “People either hate the taste or they say they have never tasted such an excellent beer. It is a light IPA beer with a citrus taste and it smells of hops, which is all topped off with the heavier, manure smoked taste. And it all goes well together”.

Borg will be making further additions to their selection by adding Ástríkur around the advent of Gay Pride, in addition to a Octoberfest beer and Christmas beer.

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