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Icelandic liquorice nominated as “the favourite liquorice of Sweden”

By Staff

  • Chocolate covered liquorice candies Each Scandinavian country has it's own signature liquorice candy. The Icelandic variant is chocolate covered liquorice. One of these, Djúpur from Freyja, has now been nominated as "Sweden's favorite liquorice 2016". Photo/Freyja.

The Icelandic liquorice candy “Djúpur”, made by candy manufacturer Freyja has been nominated as the “Favourite liquorice of Sweden 2016.” According to a press release from the Swedish Liquorice Festival “Lakrits Festivalen”, five types of liquorice candy were nominated as “Sveriges favoritelakrits 2016”. All are Swedish, except Djúpur.  

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More than 100 different products were considered for the title, which the press release claims is the barometer of Swedish “liquorice trends”. The winner will be announced at the Liquorice Festival, which will be held 23-24 April in Stockholm.

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