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Icelandic dobblebock awarded gold in the class of dark lagers at Belgian beer challenge

By Staff

  • BOLI DOBBLEBOCK Made with Icelandic barley, Boli, which means bull in Icelandic, is one of the more popular beers in Iceland. Photo/Ölgerðin


Boli Dobblebock, one of this year's Christmas beers, produced by the brewery Ölgerðin, was recently awarded a gold medal in the category of dark lagers at the Brussels Beer challenge. The Brussels Beer challenge is an annual international competition, which has been held for several years now. This year 1,250 beers from 32 countries were tasted and evaluated by 80 judges who handed out medals to the best beers in each category.

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Guðmundur Mar Magnússon, the brew-master of Ölgerðin brewery told the local news site that the award was a great honor: "It is an enormous honor and a tremendous recognition for us. To win gold in the very capital of beer is a major victory, but we are rather proud of Boli Dobblebock. This is just awesome."

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Guðmundur also remarked that it was particularly inspiring to see how well Icelandic beer is received internationally, considering the extremely short history of beer making in Iceland. Beer was banned until 1989, even as other alcohol was allowed. The improvements in the quality of Icelandic beer in Iceland have been particularly striking since 2006, when a "microbrew revolution" began. Since then Icelandic beer-consumers have become more demanding, looking for higher quality and open to more adventurous beers. 

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