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Icelandic dairy company expects to sell 100 million units of skyr in 2015

By Staff

  • Skyr In just five years the demand for this traditional Icelandic dairy product has skyrocketed. Next year 9 of 10 produced units will be sold outside Iceland.

Iceland's signature dairy product skyr is seeing a big increase in popularity, with the Nordic countries and the United States being the biggest markets outside Iceland. According to Jón Axel Pét­urs­son, head of sales at MS Iceland Dairies, the company expects to sell 100 million units of skyr next year, an increase from the sixty million sold this year. MS expects 8 million units to be sold domestically in 2014.

Skyr is a traditional, Icelandic dairy product and while resembling yogurt it is, correctly speaking, a cheese. Skyr-making dates all the way back to the 9th century.

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