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Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason debuts in New York with a Michelin star

By Staff

  • Agern restaurant Located in the western half of Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall.

Icelandic chef Gunnar Karl Gíslason’s New York restaurant Agern debuts in style in the forthcoming Michelin’s 2017 guide for New York.

According to website NY Eater the prestigious guide awards Agern (“Acorn” in Danish) one star (three is the maximum). The website managed to get a hold of a legit physical edition a couple of days ahead of its official launch.

Gunnar Karl, Dill, kokkur, chef

Chef Gunnar Karl Photo/Valli

Only 86 of NY’s countless eateries are included in the 2017 Michelin guide: six with three stars, ten with two stars and 70 with one star.

Agern opened early 2016 in a corner of Grand Central Terminal. It’s the brainchild of Claus Meyer, one of two founders of Copenhagen restaurant Noma, which impressively held the vaunted title of “No. 1 Restaurant in the World” from 2010 to 2014.

Gunnar Karl is the head chef of Agern. He co-owns and used to head the fantastic Dill Restaurant in Reykjavík, which is Iceland's best restaurant according to the leading Nordic restaurant guide White Guide.

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Gunnar is also the co-author of the cookbook North: The New Nordic Cuisine of Iceland, and is known to be a rather unorthodox chef.

His style of cooking started out as “new Nordic” cuisine but has evolved into more traditional Icelandic cuisine. 

In addition to locally sourced produce Gunnar has incorporated Nordic products into Agern’s menu, such as Icelandic dairy product skyr, Icelandic seaweed and Finish mushrooms.

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Here you can learn how to make your own skyr, method and recipe provided by Gunnar.

Agern serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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