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Icelandic band Low Roar is comedian Ricky Gervais’ new favourite band

  • Low Roar The band performed live in the studio of the great Seattle radio station KEXP last November. This is a screenshot from the video, see below.

Icelandic band Low Roar received a great shout-out on Twitter from Ricky Gervais early this morning (or late night, considering the context).

The English comedian seems to have been enjoying a night of working, drinking and listening to music when he decided to give his followers on Twitter an update around 4 GMT (4AM).

“Writing, drinking wine, and listening to my new favourite band @LOWROAR

And a few minutes later: “I've given up on the writing. I'm just listening to wine and drinking @LOWROAR. No, I mean, oh fuck off. I love you.”

And of course the guys from Low Roar responded politely "Oh hi Ricky".



The band
Low Roar was originally a one man's project by Ryan Karazija who moved from California to Iceland in 2011. Having recorded and released a self-titled album under the Low Roar name in 2011 he was joined by drummer Logi Guðmundsson and keyboard player Leifur Björnsson. Together they made Low Roar's second album o that was released in 2014.

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