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Icelandic airports hope to lure private jets to refuel in Iceland by offering a complimentary gift basket

By Staff


Icelandic airports are hoping to lure owners of private jets to refuel in Iceland with the promise of a booze filled gift basket.


Brennivín is Iceland's signature liquor. 

All private jets that chose to refuel at Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik City Airport, Akureyri Airport and Egilsstadir Airport between 4 May and 30 October, will receive a complimentary gift pack. The package includes a six-pack of Borg beer, a bottle of Icelandic Brennivín, a case of Icelandic glacial water, and skincare products from the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland is conveniently located midway between the US and Europe, making it the ideal spot to stretch your legs and refuel your private jet. 

According to news website, so far, no-one has accepted the generous offer.  

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