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Icelanders third least likely to smoke among European nations

By Staff

  • Healthier lifestyles Few people smoke, most people excercise: Icelanders seem to be adopting healthy lifestyles. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson

Judging by recently released statistics Icelanders seem to have adopted healthy lifestyles. Icelanders are also among the nations who are least likely to smoke and the proportion of people that never smoke in Iceland is among the highest in Iceland compared with other European countries.Statistics from Eurostat reveal that Icelanders most likely to meet the WHO minimum of exercising for two and a half hours each week. 

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According to statistics published by Statistics Iceland Iceland has the third highest proportion of people who never smoke, just over 81%. Sweden has the highest proportion, followed by Britain, with just above and just below 83% respectively. The other Nordic countries are all among the top ten.

However, while Iceland has one of the largest portion of people who never smoke and the second lowest rate of daily smokers (12%). Iceland also has one of the highest portion of people who smoke on occasion. Iceland has the fifth highest proportion of occasional smokers (just under 7%). It seems that those Icelanders who do smoke mainly just smoke at social occasions. 


Smoking habits of Europeans Eastern and Southern European nations are more likely to smoke than those who live at higher latitudes or closer to the Atlantic Ocean. Photo/Statistics Iceland


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