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Icelanders have one of the highest life-expectancy in Europe

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  • Laugavegur in summer The short summers and long dark winters do not seem to have a negative effect on the life expectancy of Icelanders. Photo/GVA

Icelandic men can expect to live longer than those of any other European country: In 2017, the life expectancy for Icelandic men was 80.6 years. Swiss men had the second highest life expectancy of 80.5 years. Meanwhile Icelandic women can expect to live 83.9 years, which is the sixth highest life expectancy for women in Europe.

Statistics Iceland reports that during the last 30 years, life expectancy in Iceland has increased by six years for men and four years for women. The ten year average (2007-2016) show that men in Iceland and Switzerland have the highest life expectancy in Europe, 80.5 years, followed by Liechtenstein (80.1 years) and Sweden (79.9). The same ten year average shows Spanish and French women have the longest life expectancy in Europe, 85.5 and 85.4 years. Women in Switzerland come third (85.0) followed by Italy (84.8), Liechtenstein (84.2) and Iceland (83.9 years).

The life expectancy of American males is 77.1 years, and 80.0 years for UK males. The corresponding figures for women are 81.8 in the US and 83.5 in the UK.

Infant mortality in Iceland the lowest in Europe
Iceland also has a very low infant mortality rate. In 2017 the infant mortality rate was 1.7 per 1,000 live births on average over a ten year period (2007-2016), which is the lowest rate in Europe. The second lowest average (1.8) was recorded in Andorra, followed by San Marino (2.0), Finland and Slovenia (2.3) and Sweden (2.5).

The infant mortality rate in the US in 2017 was 5.2 and 3.5 in the UK.

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