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Icelanders are the sixth best hosts worldwide, according to Airbnb users

By Staff

  • Downtown Reykjavík Responding to a growing demand more and more Icelanders have listed rooms on airbnb. Fortunately, the growth has not come at the expense of the quality of the experience. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

According to the local travel site Icelandic listings on Airbnb get very good reviews from satisfied guests. Iceland comes in seventh place over countries where listings get the best reviews, suggesting Icelander are excellent hosts.

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Since the tourism boom started a few years back, the number of homes or rooms listed on airbnb has grown explosively in Iceland. Last year the number of airbnb listings increased 156% over the year before, alleviating what would otherwise have become a serious shortage of accommodation for foreign travellers. According to analysis by there are more rooms listed on airbnb than on the three largest Icelandic hotel chains, combined. Fortunately this growth does not seem to have come at the expense of quality.

The ten countries where airbnb listings receive the best reviews

1) New Zealand
2) Serbia
3) Norway
4) Sweden
5) USA
6) Iceland 
7) Ireland
8) Canada
9) Finland
10) Denmark

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