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Icelandair adds direct flights to San Fransisco and Boston

By Staff

  • Adding new destinations Icelandair flies to more destinations in N. America than any European airline, with the exception of British Airways. Photo/Anton Brink

Icelandair has announced it will be adding two more destinations in the US this coming spring, adding San Francisco and Baltimore to its route map. This brings the number of new destinations Icelandair has announced for the coming spring ti six. Earlier this week the airline added Kansas City. The airline has also announced it will be adding Cleveland, Dallas, and Dublin to its list of international destinations.

San Francisco and Baltimore were both part of Icelandair's route network for a brief period in the 2000s, but the flights were canceled as part of a streamlining of the airline's route network. The airline has revised its previous decision due to the growth in interest among US travellers in visiting Iceland. 

The local news site Túristi points out that Icelandair now flies to 23 different destinations in North America. Only one European airline flies to more destinations in North America: British Airways flies to 29 destinations. Icelandair and the German Lufthansa come second, each with 23 destinations. 

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