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Iceland is second favorite European destination for UK visitors

By Staff

  • Aldeyjarfoss waterfall Italy has its Roman ruins and vineyards, Greece its temples and countless islands. Iceland has basalt columns and breathtaking waterfalls! Photo/Steinar Kaldal

Iceland is the second favorite destination for UK travellers in Europe, according to the Telegraph Travel Awards. The awards are based on a massive poll of 75,000 readers of the UK newspaper. The poll asks the readers about their favorite hotels, airlines and destinations world wide. The Icelandic airline Icelandair came in as the third best short-haul airline, and Iceland came in as second most enjoyable destination in Europe, the second year in a row.

The top destination in Europe for UK travellers is Italy, while Greece comes in third.

From the margins of the map to the top of the league
According to the Telegraph the second spot for Iceland is "a very strong performance", as the country was "on the margins of the holiday map" only a few years ago.

"Now more affordable, and easier to get to, this amazing landscape clearly makes a powerful impression on readers - despite the weather. The Northern Lights are a big draw here in winter too."

We agree with this analysis: People are probably not booking trips to Iceland to enjoy the weather! At least not in the same way as people visit Greece and Italy to soak up the sun. But the Icelandic weather does have its allure too, which explains at least some of the tourism in winter: The dramatic landscapes, looming mountains or endless black sand beaches do look particularly striking when viewed through a bellowing storm!

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