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Iceland is the second fastest growing market for electric cars in the world

By Staff

  • Mostly still powered by fossil fuels The number of electric cars on Icelandic roads is still modest, but it is growing fast. Photo/Stefán karlsson

The popularity of environmentally friendly vehicles has surged in Iceland in the past few years. The number of cars using alternative fuels has tripled since 2010. During this period the use of alternative fuels has grown tenfold. The growth has been fastest in electric cars.

The future prospects of electric cars were debated at a conference the Icelandic Engineers Association on the electrification of Icelandic transportation, which was held on Friday. The local news site reports that it was revealed at the conference that while there are only 695 electric cars currently registered in Iceland, their numbers have been growing at dramatic speeds. Currently the growth of the fleet of electric cars in Iceland is the second fastest in the world, after Norway.

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Jón Björn Skúlason, the CEO of Íslensk NýOrka – Icelandic New Energy, which works on the electrification of Icelandic transportation, tells that the sales of electric cars in 2015 had been far in excess of expectations. Between 30 and 40 cars had been sold every month. According to recent projections their number will have grown to 1,200 by the end of 2016. The main obstacle to the further electrification of the car fleet and the main concern among current owners of electric cars is the lack of rapid-charging stations, Jón tells

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