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Iceland problems: There are too many @#$%! waterfalls

By Staff

  • Iceland Problems Well, that's probably a good problem to have, right? Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Travel in Iceland comes with all kinds of unique problems, some of them can be challenging or terrifying. The amazing variety and abundance of waterfalls is not one of those problems!

A fun video posted by the facebook magazine Legend of Micah offers an interesting supercut of the countless waterfalls Iceland has to offer, pointing out that a traveler who hopes to explore all of these will quickly discover he's never going to get back home!

 "Iceland has too many @#$%! waterfalls! Around 10,000 of them! If you try to stop at every pretty waterfall, you'll never get anywhere"

The lesson isn't just that you should not try to cover all the waterfalls, but that you can safely skip the most popular ones, like Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss: Sure, both are spectacularly beautiful, and easy to access from the Ring Road, but there are almost countless other equally beautiful waterfalls for you to choose from!

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