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Iceland one of the best countries in the world to grow old in

By Staff

  • A good place for people of all ages For a society to be truly family friendly and prosperous it must care for people at all stages of their lives, from infancy to old age. According to a newly released index Iceland seems to be doing that. Photo/Stefán Karlsson. 

According to HelpAge International, a global movement fighting for the rights of older people, Iceland is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to the rights and living conditions of the elderly. Iceland measures as the seventh best country in the world when it comes to getting old. 

Every year HelpAge International publishes its Global AgeWatch Index, which allows a comparison of data on older people’s income status, health status, education and employment opportunities and enabling environment. Taken together the index makes possible an assessment of the general wellbeing of older people around the world.

According to the index it is best to grow old in Switzerland, followed by Norway and Sweden, with Iceland in seventh place, followed by Japan in eight place, the United States in the ninth and the UK in the tenth. 

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