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Iceland Ink: My favourite style is black and grey realistic freestyle

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  • Ólafía at Reykjavík Ink Likes healthy lifestyle and used to compete in fitness contests but is now dedicating herself to the art of tattooing. Photos/Jerel Lai

Artist: Ólafía at Reykjavík Ink

I have been here at Reykjavík Ink for about three years. When I started working this business I was lucky to be surrounded by amazing artists who have guided and supported me in acquiring the skills that are needed to become a great tattoo artist.

In earlier times, I was very into fitness and a healthy lifestyle and entered many fitness competitions, and even won several. But now my focus is on the art of tattooing. I am dedicated to pushing myself to new heights, to being the best that I can be.

My style as an artist
My favourite style is black and grey realistic freestyle. I have always liked to draw, and I paint a little, so that’s how I’m developing my personal style.

I am aware, of course, of the legends of the tattoo world, especially in the USA—artists such as Ed Hardy and Bob Roberts, to name a few. 

Shades of black and grey Coloured tattoos are not Ólafía's cup of tea.

A little memento
If someone walks into Reykjavík Ink, and is not from Iceland—which happens here especially in the summer—I would strongly suggest something traditionally Icelandic, if people have not completely made up their minds what they want. It would probably be a design that I would custom draw for them—as opposed to something on shop or book flash. The theme would almost definitely be something like the Icelandic runes or Saga images, or even traditional Iceland words or letters.

Personal favourite
I personally prefer the black and grey style of tattoos. To me the contrast between the grey and black tones is very appealing.

Reykjavík Ink
Address: Frakkastígur 7, 101 Reykjavík,

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