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Iceland continues to be the world's most peaceful country

By Staff

  • Symbol of light The Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavík was established as a symbol of peace. Photo/Vísir.

Once again Iceland tops the 2017 Global Peace Index as the world's most peaceful country. This is the 10th consecutive year Iceland is ranked number one by the Institute of Economics and Peace.

Iceland is joined at the top of the index by New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark, all of which were ranked highly in the 2016 GPI. There was also very little change at the bottom of the index. Syria remains the least peaceful country in the world, followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen.

The index ranks states based on 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators ranging from social stability, participation in armed conflicts, its relations with neighbouring countries, violence, crime, and the percentage of prison population.

Trending towards peace
The 2017 GPI finds that the world became more peaceful in the last year, however, over the last decade it has become significantly less peaceful.

Most of the nations in the GPI became more peaceful over the last year. 93 countries improved while 68 deteriorated.

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