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Iceland is a great testing ground for outdoor garments

By Sara McMahon

  • Rún, Þóra and Guðbjörg make up the Cintamani design team. Photo/Valli

Iceland Mag met up with the Cintamani design team, who take part in Reykjavík Fashion Festival this year, wanting to know more about their designs and inspiration among other things.

Brand: Cintamani
Designer: Þóra, Guðbjörg and Rún.

The brand: ““Jan Davidson started the project in 1989. He had the ambitious vision of designing the best possible clothing suitable for the harshest conditions. Iceland, geographically positioned on the edge of the Arctic, is a great testing ground for such garments.

“Through the years the aim has always been very clear: to protect the Icelandic people from our harsh winters. The brand has grown into one of Iceland’s biggest clothing brands, known for its powerful colors and good quality.

" Iceland, geographically positioned on the edge of the Arctic, is a great testing ground for outdoor garments."

“Our garments are first and foremost designed with function in mind, and with ergonomic patterns and innovative technology for great performance. It’s now a growing trend to bring fashion into athletic wear and outdoor gear closer to fashion. That’s what we’ve been doing for years. The typical Icelander doesn’t buy one jacket specifically for sports and another for daily wear. He uses the same jacket for multiple functions, and it has to be versatile and withstand variable weather conditions because of our unpredictable weather.”

The AW 14 collection: “This season we are staying true to the brand, introducing new colors to our classics, and premiering new styles.“

Catwalk styling: “This is meant to be a surprise.”

What will you do after the show? “We’ve planned a hike the morning after the show. Nothing charges your batteries like a good hike!”

People who have influenced you as a designer: “Each member of the desig team has a different background and therefore different things inspire us. The brand itself has a clear vision that each designer uses as a guideline in their work.”

Where do you find inspiration: “New technological developments, innovative design, and the experience of wearing our clothing.”

Favourite day-trip from Reykjavík: “There are many, many great options. But having to choose just one, we’d have to mention a hike in Reykjadalur Valley in the Hellisheiði region just outside Reykjavík. The scenery is beautiful, and you can bathe in the geothermal spring that runs through it.”


The design team at Cintamani - Reykjavík Fashion festival 2014 from Iceland Mag on Vimeo.

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