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ICE-SAR rescues sheep caught in floods and mudslides. At least 40 sheep feared drowned

By Staff

  • To the rescue ICE-SAR has been busy helping the victims of the floods in S.E. Iceland, including stranded travellers, farmers cut off and sheep in distress. Photo/ICE-SAR

Mudslides and flooding caused by the torrential rains in South East and East Iceland have left many farmers struggling to get their livestock to safety. At least 40 sheep are feared to have drowned in Fljótsdalur valley in East Iceland, and an unknown number is believed to have been buried alive under a mudslide in Hamarsfjörður fjord. Members of ICE-SAR in East Iceland have assisted farmers in rescuing sheep.

The local news site Vísir reports that more than 20 sheep were rescued by ICE-SAR from a mudslide in a mountainside in Hamarsfjörður fjord yesterday morning. Members of the ICE-SAR company Báran from Djúpivogur village in the Eastfjords assisted the farmer at Hamarssel in rescuing the sheep. The farmer told the local news site Vísir in that the mudslide had been "huge", and that it covered a large part of his field, where the sheep were grazing. He had not yet determined how many sheep were still buried in the mudslide.

On Wednesday ICE-SAR units had assisted farmers in Fljótsdalur valley rescue sheep from flooded fields. Initially it was feared that as many as 200 sheep, mostly lambs, had drowned. A farmer in Fljótsdalur told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service that they had been able to rescue 180 sheep. He estimated that the number sheep who drowned at at 40-50. 

Flooding in South East Iceland
Flooding in South East Iceland
Flooding in South East Iceland

Catching their breath ICE-SAR has been busy assisting farmers. Photo/ICE-SAR



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