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ICE-SAR, Police search for man who fell into Ölfusá river in Selfoss town, South Iceland

By Staff

  • The bridge over Ölfusá river Driving the Ring Road to South Iceland from Reykjavík you cross the Ölfusá bridge at the outskirts of Selfoss, just before entering town. Photo/Ernir

A large search is underway at Ölfusá river in South Iceland after a witness saw a man jump into the river on the bridge over the river at the outskirts of Selfoss. 

Members of ICE-SAR companies in South Iceland and the Capital Region as well as a helicopter from the Coast Guard participate in the search which began at three in the morning. A witness saw a man climb onto the railing on the Ölfusá-brigde in the town of Selfoss, and then jump into the river. 

The focus of the search is downstream from Selfoss and the river's estuary.  According to the local news site Vísir more than 70 members of ICE-SAR were participating in the search at 9:00 when the Coast Guard helicopter was called back. Nothing is known about the man, his identity or motive for jumping in the river.

The search will continue today. 

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