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ICE-SAR assisted travellers in distress at Sólheimasandur plane wreck during storm

By Staff

  • No travel weather The MET office had issued a yellow travel alert yesterday, cautioning people not to embark on any major travel. The alert is still in effect. Photo/ICE-SAR

A group of travellers who had been left stranded on Sólheimasandur black sand beach by yesterday's storm were rescued by members of ICE-SAR companies from South Iceland. The travellers were unable to return back to the Ring Road after visiting the wreck of a DC-3 plane on the beach, one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Iceland. 

Sólheimasandur plane wreck

The DC-3 on Sólheimasandur The plane wreck is a popular tourist stop. Photo/Vísir

According to a statement from ICE-SAR companies from the towns of Vík and Hvolsvöllur in South Iceland were sent to the scene shortly after six in the afternoon. Weather conditions at the time were "awful", howling storm and extremely limited visibility. The travellers were unable to get back onto the Ring Road from the trail leading to the parking lot at the path leading to the plane wreck.

The search and rescue teams feared that a second group of travellers was still out on the beach and seeking shelter inside the wreck. A search party was therefore sent out onto the beach to ensure there was nobody caught out in the storm. Fortunately the travellers who were feared to be seeking shelter in the plane made it to the road on their own and when everyone was accounted for ICE-SAR turned its attention to ensuring that everyone made it safe to urban areas.

A traffic jam had formed and ICE-SAR had to assist drivers of two cars to get back onto the road, and tow a third car which had landed outside the road.

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A yellow weather alert is still in effect for South Iceland. Travellers are urged to show extra caution, as powerful wind gusts can blow cars off the road or cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. The Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority warns drivers that there are icy patches along the entire Ring Road in South Iceland.

Travellers are urged to pay close attention to the weather forecast, all weather alerts and road conditions as well as travel alerts from ICE -SAR before embarking on any travel outside urban areas.

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