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The Ice cauldron in Öræfajökull continues to deepen, new photos from NASA show

By Staff

  • The cauldron Photo taken 10. Dec. (right) compared to a photo taken 17. Nov (left) shows that the cauldron has deepened and the fissures in the ice have extended to the south 17. Photo/NASA Landsat-8

New satellite photographs taken by NASA‘s LANDSAT-8 satellite show that the cauldron has deepened and expanded significantly in recent weeks. The fissures in the ice cap which fills the volcano‘s caldera have also expanded to the south as the cauldron has been deepening.

A comparison of satellite photographs taken on November 17 and December 10 shows that the cauldron has widened and a pattern of crevasses has become denser and clearer.

NASA makes an exception to monitor Öræfajökull

öræfajökull location

Öræfajökull Öræfajökull is the southernmost part of Vatnajökull glacier Photo/

Following a request from the University of Iceland NASA stepped up its monitoring of the volcano, taking more aerial photographs with its LANDSAT-8 satellite. Usually NASA does not take any aerial photographs in northerly latitudes during winter, due to the very limited daylight.

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The volcano- and nature emergency team at the University of Iceland reports that in an effort to keep closer tabs on the developments in Öræfajökull NASA has made an exception from the rule to permit a more detailed study of the volcano.

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