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Hverfisgata 12's new brunch menu: Our favourite late breakfast (or is it early lunch?)

By Jón Kaldal

  • A good start The H12 brunch will provide a solid foundation for the day. Photos/Ari Magg


  • Coffee ore some booze? You can have both if you need some serious pick-me-up treatment. 

Whether you are dealing with a hangover or want to have a healthy weekend family celebration, the brunch menu at Hverfisgata 12 has you well covered.

Since opening in 2014, the restaurant has made its name with gourmet pizzas crafted with Icelandic-inspired toppings and dough made from whey and barley.



Food & drink Above the restaurant is one of Reykjavík’s best craft beer bars, the great Mikkeller & friends.

Staying true to its origins, three brunch pizzas top the menu. If you go for the one with homemade tomato sauce, fire-baked eggs, bacon, and black pepper, you should not need more nourishment until dinner time.

Less calorie-laden options include avocado with crème fraîche and herbs on the restaurant’s splendid rye bread, and smoked trout on rye bread with poached egg and sauce hollandaise.

If you like your brunch to involve some booze, Hverfisgata 12 won’t let you down. You can choose between the restaurant’s own take on the Bloody Mary (vodka, pizza juice, and house spices), a Blumosa (blueberry syrup and bubbles), and a wide selection of craft beers.



A less calorie-laden option Avocado on Hverfisgata 12's chef locally made rye bread. Two thumbs up!

The brunch scene has gone way too far in too many places around the world, with gastronomic grandstanding and pretentiousness. There is no such nonsense at Hverfisgata 12. The menu is simple and honest, as it should be.

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