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Humpback whale rescued from fishing nets by Reykjavík last month is recovering

By Staff

  • The humpback whale "Nettie" The humpback whale who was freed from fishing nets in Faxaflói bay off Reykjavík is recovering, his wounds healing. Photo/Whale Safari.

A humpback whale which was cut loose from fishing nets last month is recovering. A large wound by his tail fin, caused by the microfilament from the nets, is healing nicely and his movements are returning to normal, according to an announcement from IceWhale.

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Teams from the UK, USA and Iceland freed the whale in August, after Icelandic whale watching teams had monitored it for several weeks. The whale had gotten tangled in what looked like a lumpfish net, or some other very fine-meshed netting earlier in the summer. It had then dragged the net along with him for two months, causing the whale serious problems, restricting his movement as well as digging into his flesh by the tail fin, causing a large wound.

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The whale watching firms in Reykjavík harbour have since been monitoring the whale, who has received the name “Nettie”. An announcement on the Facebook page of IceWhale, the Association of Icelandic Whale Watching Firms, “Nettie” was seen yesterday, He is “looking better and [he has] gotten rid of most of the remaining rope after the disentanglement in August”.

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