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Historically high approval rating for Left Green led coalition: Highest since 2008 crash

By Staff

  • The Cabinet The poll confirms that voters expect great things from the newly formed coalition government. Photo/Ernir.

The newly formed coalition government is off to a great start, according to the latest MMR poll.  66.7% of voters say they support the government. This is the highest approval rating of any government in the MMR polls since the 2008 financial crash. While the poll reveals a solid support for the government it also shows a small shift in support from the coalition members to the opposition. A more interesting shift has taken place between the two blocks of the opposition: The right-wing opposition parties see a significant erosion of support since the election, while the left-wing opposition gains.

Left Greens make solid gains
This is only the second poll which has been conducted since the Left Green led Grand Coalition government was formed. A previous poll, released on December 6, conducted by the local newspaper Fréttablaðið, registered both a higher approval rating for the government (78%) and higher support for the coalition parties than the new MMR poll. Both agree, however, that the government enjoys a historically high approval rating.

The new MMR poll found that support for the parties which make up the coalition has not changed dramatically since the last MMR poll, which was taken after the election. The conservative Independence Party enjoys 23.2%, the Left Greens with 16.7% and the centrist Progress Party with 8.5%.

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While the government enjoys overwhelming support and approval the coalition members do not see their support increase from the election. The poll suggests that the support for the conservative Independence Party has dropped by 2% since the October election, when the party received 25.2% of the vote. The support of the Left Greens  is virtually unchanged, as the party received 16,9% of the vote in October. The junior coalition member, the centrist Progress Party has also slipped since the election. It's now enjoys 8.5% support, compared to the 10.7% it received in the elections.

Left wing shift within the opposition
Perhaps the most interesting point in the poll is that the left-wing opposition has gained support since the election, while the right-wing opposition has lost support. The Social Democratic Alliance now polls at 16.8%, compared to 12.1% in the elections and the Pirate Party at 14.1%, compared to 9.2% in the elections. 

On the right the liberal right wing party Restoration sees its support drop to 5.7% from 6.7% in the election, the populist Center Party slips to 8.7% from 10.9% and the populist People's Party drops to 3.7% from 6.9%. 

Taken together this means that while the government enjoys a 66.7% approval rating the combined support of the three coalition parties is 48.4%, down from 52.8% in the elections. The left-wing opposition has increased its support from 21,3% to 30,9% and the right-wing opposition parties see their combined support drop from 24,5% to 18,1%. 

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