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Hiker in distress rescued from steep mountainside near Látrabjarg cliffs in Westfjords

By Staff

  • Rauðisandur beach The name translates as "Red sand". West of the beach is a very challenging but beautiful hiking trail. Photo/Johann Dréo Wikimedia Commons.

Search and Rescue teams from the Westfjords as well as a helicopter from the Coast Guard participated in a search for a hiker who had found himself in distress in a steep mountain side near Látrabjarg cliffs.

A known, but very challenging hiking trail
The hiker was on a known hiking path when he discovered he could neither continue or turn back. The 4 km (2.5 mi) long trail is considered very challenging for hikers who are unfamiliar with the terrain or the trail

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports that at four in yesterday afternoon ICE-SAR units in the southern Westfjords were dispatched to the mountains west of Rauðisandur beach on the south coast of the Westfjords.

Ten ICE-SAR members armed with aerial drones, from the nearby village of Patreksfjörður, were first at the scene, but when they were unable to find the man a request for assistance was sent to the Coast Guard. The mountains to the west of Rauðisandur are very steep, with difficult to navigate cliffs and screes.

One of two major rescue operations yesterday
Using data from the man's cell phone and with the help of the Coast Guard helicopter the hiker was found and rescued from the steep hillside. He was airlifted to safety. Shortly after finishing the rescue the Coast Guard helicopter flew to South Iceland to assist in the search for two French hikers who were believed to be missing.

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The man was found in a steep hill called Brekkuhlið (literally "Hillside slope") between Rauðisandur

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