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Hidden people might hunt down vandals for painting ugly graffiti on a Snæfellsnes peninsula landmark

An abandoned farm on tip of Snæfellsnes peninsula was vandalised by unidentified travellers with what everyone agrees is unusually ugly graffiti. A local man, Stefán Ingvar Guðmundsson posted photographs of the graffiti to Facebook yesterday.

Particularly ugly graffiti
Stefán Ingvar writes that he felt “saddened, angry, furious and unhappy” towards the travellers who had left these “deep and ugly tracks on the historical monuments” which belong to the people of Snæfellsnes peninsula. The abandoned farm of Dagverðará had been spray-painted recently. The vandals seem to have signed their work, Chris and Lena. 

Chris and Lena The vandals signed their work. Photo from the Facebook page of Stefán Ingvar Guðmundsson 

Stefán Ingvar tells the local news site that the farm has great emotional and historical value to locals. It is not only the fact that the farm was vandalized which frustrates Stefán. The farm has been visited by vandals before, as the walls inside the ruins have been spray-painted. “But this painting on the outside is brand new, and disgustingly ugly.”

Doesn’t rule out Chris and Lena will be hunted down by hidden people and bad spirits
Some believe the area to be haunted and populated by ghosts, elves and hidden people who not be pleased with the vandalism any more than the locals. Ólína Gunnlaugsdóttir, a local woman whose great grandparents lived at the Dagverðará farm, tells that she does not expect Chris and Lena will be chased down by ghosts and hidden people. “I doubt it. Most are good spirits, but you never know.”

We at Iceland Magazine believe neither in hidden people or ghosts, but we do believe in humanity and people’s good conscience. Please: Do not destroy landmarks or nature!

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