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Heads up: Great Aurora forecast for West and Nonrth Iceland on Wednesday

By Staff

  • The Aurora over Vík This photo of the Aurora explosion on Friday evening was taken by a friend of Iceland Mag, Þórir Kjartansson. Photo/Þórir Kjartansson.

Shorter days and longer nights mean that we have more opportunities to catch nature's greatest show: the Northern Lights. We have already been treated to several amazing shows this fall, including a magnificient Aurora Explosion on Friday evening. But if you missed Friday's display you need not despair. 

Northern lights 18.10.17
Aurora forecast Wednesday evening, Oct 18. Photo/IMO

In particular tomorrow, Wednesday evening, is looking very promising.

Northern Lights hunters should make the most of tomorrow's opportunity. The Icelandic Meteorological Office is reporting an Aurora activity of 4, "Active".

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The IMO explains that an activity of 2, "low" can be beautiful and an activity of 3 "moderate" can be dazzling. A activity index of 4 could deliver a spectacular show.

Clear skies over all of West, North West and North Iceland, aand parts of the South coast increase your chance of seeing thee Aurora once it starts.

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According to IMO it will be dark from 18:46 (6:46 pm) to 7:41 (7:41 am). Sunset is at 17:57 (5:57 pm). With high Aurora activity you should have a pretty good chance of seeing the Aurora any time Wednesday evening.

Remember that patience, persistence and luck are the keys to catching the Aurora! The Northern Lights sometimes dance over the sky for only a few minutes before disappearing again, only to return hours later. Sustained long displays of dancing lights, lasting minutes or dozens of minutes are less common.

Northern lights 18.10.17
Clear skies The cloud cover Wednesday at 23:00 Photo/IMO


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