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Hard Rock Café set top open in Lækjargata, downtown Reykjavík, this autumn

By Staff

Hard Rock Café is expected to open in autumn on Lækjargata 2 in downtown Reykjavík. According to Morgunblaðið’s report, the restaurant will be 1,000 square metres (10,764 sq ft) and spread over three floors; the basement will feature a bar and music venue, a shop carrying Hard Rock merchandise will be located on the ground floor while the restaurant area itself will be on the second floor.


The restaurant will be located in Iðuhúsið house. Vísir/Róbert

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The restaurant is located in downtown Reykjavík, directly across from Berhöftstorfan garden. The space is currently under construction.  

Hard Rock Café is a chain of restaurants founded in 1971 in London. Tómas Tómasson, who now runs Hamborgarabúllan, opened a Hard Rock Café in 1987 in Kringlan shopping centre. The restaurant closed for business in 2005, leaving Iceland Hard Rock-less for 11 years. 

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