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Hard Rock Café responds angrily to union having sided with staff over gender-specific dress-code

By Staff

  • Playing hardball The management of Hard Rock Café Reykjavík backs down on its gender-specific dress code, but escalates its war of words with the union representing its employees. Photo/Hard Rock Café

The manager of Hard Rock Café in downtown Reykjavík criticizes the union of unskilled workers for not having resolved the issue of gender-specific dress code for the staff of the restaurant quietly with management. 

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Several female employees of Hard Rock Café had complained to the union after being instructed by the restaurant management that they had to wear dresses at work. The women complained that the dresses were both uncomfortable and tasteless, and demanded they could continue to wear pants and a shirt. Last week the union Efling sent a letter to the restaurant demanding that the gender-specific dress would not be implemented.

Restaurant backs down but blasts union
The restaurant backed down on Friday, explaining that the demand that female employees wear dresses came from corporate headquarters, not from the local management. However, the restaurant would respect its staff. "We want them [female employees] to wear the dresses, that hasn't changed, but if they have a good reason why they don't want to wear a dress or don't feel comfortable wearing a dress, they can wear a short and pants," the manager of Hard Rock Café told the National Broadcasting Service RÚV.

He stressed that nobody would be fired for refusing to wear a dress.

The manager of Hard Rock Café also criticized the union Efling for its involvement in the matter. "It's much to do about nothing," he told RÚV. He criticized Efling for having alerted media to the matter rather than resolving the matter directly with management. He also criticizes the union for not having immediately published the reply from the restaurant on its website: "Efling union should be ashamed of itself".

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