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Half of Icelanders fear tourism is damaging nature according to a new poll

By Staff

  • Enjoying the rain Reykjavík locals are more likely to see growing numbers of foreign travellers as having made downtown better than people living outside of Reykjavík. Photo/Valli.

While most Icelanders remain positive towards growing tourism a newly released poll reveals that the majority believes foreign travellers have a negative impact upon Icelandic nature.

Good for the economy and society, bad for nature

The poll showed that the vast majority of Icelanders believe growing tourism is good for the Icelandic economy (90.9%), job opportunities (82.8%) and Icelandic society (71.2%). Polls have shown that the majority of Icelanders view growing tourism positively. 80% of Icelanders view foreign travellers in Iceland either somewhat or very positively.

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The only aspect of Iceland which most people believe is negatively impacted by growing tourism is nature. 51.8% of respondents believe foreign travellers have a negative impact upon Icelandic nature, while 21.0% believe they have a positive impact.

Tourism bad or good for down-town Reykjavík?

Respondents were also somewhat split on the effect of tourism on down-town Reykjavík, with 67.2% believing growing numbers of foreign travellers had a positive impact, while 15.8% believed tourism had a negative impact on the on the city-centre. Those living in Reykjavík were more likely to feel tourism had impacted down town positively (71.2%), while those living outside of Reykjavík believed the impact to be negative (61.4%).


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